First is the Worst

I’ve been delaying and procrastinating and waffling and dithering about my first post. Because something in me says that it should be epic. Well-crafted and evocative and full of the type of poetic storytelling that I aspire to; that makes you want to journey with me. That I should outline my history, describe my motivation, create a monumental FIRST POST to rival all first posts.

But that isn’t happening. I want to keep this journal/blog because I want to remember. I want to share where I hike and how I do it and, yes, even the big ‘ol WHY. I want to share my history of being outdoors and what I think that means for me and for my children and for the future.

So this isn’t going to be the epic first post that I keep putting off writing. That post is not getting written. This is just my voice. So, let’s take a walk, shall we?

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