Union Valley Sanders Family Annual Chaos

Every summer for quite a few years now my family has made a pilgrimage to one lake or another. Usually for some time period between a long weekend and not-quite-a-week. We swim, we wakeboard, we camp in epic style. There are anywhere from 10 to 20 of us–kids (oh wait, are we the grown-ups now?), cousins, grandparents. Dogs.

Sometime I will have a post about growing up in a camping family, where outdoor activities were the assumed default for vacation time and any time we stayed in a motel was a definite luxury. This isn’t that post, though. This is just some pictures of what it’s like to hang out at Union Valley Reservoir for a few days and soak up the sun and water and family time.

Chewie sasses Mom while looking fabulous
10-year old enters the lake
Daughters and doggie on a stump
Mom and Dad kayak
Boat selfie. Duh
Preparing to tube
Rachel and Rylan kayak
Beans really really really loves the beach

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