Tahoe Rim Trail–magical cold water

Day 1
Spooner Summit to campsite 6 miles from Mt Rose campground 

Miles: 19

I got out the door later than I wanted to this morning. Snuggling with warm snuggly girlfriend + deciding on a last minute shower (my last for over a week! Yikes!) + all the nerves and double/triple checking everything meant I wasn’t in the car until quarter to 5. Arrived at Spooner Summit around 7–even tho I overshot it and had to drive damn near to Carson city to turn around. 

Got everything squared away, took one last selfie and was on the trail quickly. Almost immediately I had to stop and pee (of course). I had to be quick about it cuz there were lots of day hikers! The trail wound around the east side of the ridge and I got my first views of the beautiful Washoe Valley in Nevada. Then there was climbing up into meadows that smelled somehow like my childhood–clean and sharp at the same time. I met Patty and Jeff from Truckee. They were on their final day of the TRT going clockwise. We had a lot of the same gear–Gossamer Gear packs and they use the Tarptent Double Rainbow. They were so cool and chill. And I felt a little bit like an imposter. Is this really me out here doing this thing? 

I made the 9.4 miles to Marlette Campground by noon. There is an amazing, magical water hand pump, in the middle of the wilderness, at Marlette Campground. You have to pump and pump and pump and then all of a sudden water gushed out and it is so so cold and…it’s basically magic. Also, there are pit toilets there. Also magic. 

I was feeling queasy and light-headed a little so I posted up in the shade, took off my shoes and socks and rested. Wrapped a cold bandana (did I already say magical cold water?) around my face, had an electrolyte drink and some snacks. I am determined that the elevation won’t mess me up so badly this trip. 

After Marlette there was lots of walking up high on ridges, looking down at the big blue lake. Lots of flowers, lots of little chipmunk friends. I felt so triumph crossing Tunnel Creek Road and seeing the sign saying Spooner was 14 miles back. Then I met the nicest older couple, just finishing their day hike. They were both carrying the MOST ENORMOUS canisters of bear spray on their belts. But they were very sweet and wished me well and God bless. They are section hiking the TRT. He said he’d done about 85% of it but she said she’d only done 50%. I invited her to come with me some time so she could catch up! Ha!

I was energized after that but started to flag about 3 miles out. Definitely checking my gps too much. I need to not do that–for my own sanity and for the sake of my battery. 

Finally arrived at camp about 7 and it was a lovely site. Well established, small breeze, no bugs and best of all? A flat rock with another taller flat rock next to it!! I had a table and chair for dinner!!!! Had couscous with dried spinach and tvp and a cup of ginger tea (for my tummy). No headache, no dizziness and I could actually eat! Did all the little camp things and got in bed a bit after 8. Feeling pretty damn good about my first day. Tomorrow is a big day–big miles, big climbs. 

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