Learning a Lesson

This post is only about a month late. Next up: the story of how altitude hates me and taking my girls backpacking for the first time!

I’ve been itching to get back out on the trail, especially since I want to test out my new Gregory Jade. But every weekend, EVERY WEEKEND, there is life happening that prevents hiking. One weekend–sick daughters. Another–work. Always more life that isn’t hiking. So I finally determined that I would go, alone if necessary, no matter what. I decided to hike Steven’s Trail outside of Colfax because the trailhead is right off the freeway and it promised some really amazing views of the river and a bit of challenge for shaking down my new pack. Also, is there a cave? I think there’s also a cave!

But of course, the week prior was just one long migraine for me. For those who don’t suffer from migraines (or have someone like me in your life constantly complaining about them), let me fill you in. Migraines travel in packs (herds? murders? yeah, murders) and they tend to snowball. One migraine creates neck and shoulder tension which leads to another bigger migraine which interrupts your sleep which sets you up for another and so forth. I’d been popping my Imitrex pretty much nonstop (maybe not the best plan?) but by Sunday I felt really strong and wanted to hike. Dammit. So off I went, alone as per usual…

All my hikes are selfie hikes. *sigh*

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